AI Pin uses projection to bring ChatGPT into the Palms

AI Pin 標題圖片,`包含觸控與投影在手上的使用狀況

The Humane AI pin, which was just selected as one of Time magazine's 2023 Best Innovation Awards, has been officially launched online after several months of heat, reveal and publicity, and will be available for pre-order on November 16 . This delicate wearable device can be securely attached to the wearer's lapel or chest through magnetic force, and collects data through the body camera and sensors. It is driven by Qualcomm chips and uses AI artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT to interact with the wearer.
(Image source: Humane)

AI PIN features

AI Pin does not have a display, which is its biggest feature. It is equipped with a Laser Ink Display that can project text (such as incoming call notifications) onto your palm, replacing the touch screen. Ai Pin interacts with the wearer through voice and a built-in 13-megapixel camera. The camera captures the user's index finger, thumb opening and closing movements to control the interface.

The pin splits into unique dual parts - the main computer and the battery booster. They connect magnetically and are powered wirelessly through clothing and clothing, allowing you to wear the Ai Pin in a variety of ways

In terms of interaction with the device, it involves natural gestures and spoken language interaction with the user. Behind this is OpenAI or Microsoft's AI model to correspond to various AI services. Humane showed the following scenarios, such as: Answer The content of the user's question; during the communication process in different languages, it helps to translate each other's language to each other, and can also activate the camera to analyze the nutritional value of food through the computer vision analysis function.

In today's world of privacy, this system comes with a "Trust Light" that lets people around you know if the system is recording. Humane stresses that the device only activates when the user is engaged and does not use a "wake word" to ensure it is not always listening or recording. The Trust Light is placed at the top of the front, allowing users and people around them to clearly see its operation.

The team behind the AI Pin

Humane是由前Apple介面設計師Imran Chaudhri與與妻子Bethany Bongiorno共同創立。

Chaudhri developed most multitouch UI in the very early stage, that achievement was very impressive.

He is also the inventor of many patents, that's another impressive deeds


Human, which has been established for five years, received early investment from OpenAI CEO and co-founder Sam Altman. The Series C investment was completed on March 8 this year, attracting the participation of many well-known investors, including Microsoft, SK Networks, LG Technology Ventures, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Qualcomm Ventures, etc. The cumulative investment amount now reaches 230 million.

The pre-order price of AI Pin is $699, plus a monthly subscription fee of $24. The service is provided by T-Mobile. It is currently only planned to be launched in the United States, and sales details in other regions have not yet been announced. Official website information:
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