HYUNDAI reinterprets what Streamliner should be in the EV era with IONIQ 6.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 with airplane

When you first see IONIQ 6, it’s hard not to be attracted by the streamlined lines on its side. Such styling elements appear unique in today's electric vehicle style that emphasizes block geometry and simplicity. This coupe fastback element reminds us of several popular classic cars, such as the familiar Porsche 911, and the earlier Volkswagen Beetle fastback design. The time and space background of its creation was around the 1930s. This is the golden age of this type of Streamline Moderne style. Trains, cars, and aircraft at that time all adopted this streamlined style that symbolized the future and hope, presenting a lively and enterprising atmosphere.

IONIQ 6 Front side view

The origin of IONIQ 6's styles

Back to our protagonist IONIQ 6 today. According to the original manufacturer’s senior management, it was inspired by a series of streamlined cars from the 1930s and 1940s, including the 1947 Stout Scarab, Phantom Corsair and Saab Ursaab. They all have This is a streamlined style that gathers downward from the side of the car.

At the same time, it was inspired by aircraft such as the British Spitfire during World War II, and became the small details on both sides of the rear tail. It also refers to elements in nature, such as the posture of the Peregrine falcon when it dives to catch prey at a speed of 390 kilometers per hour. All of the above together create a simple and streamlined shape of IONIQ 6, but also a shape full of ingenious details.

Prophecy Concept - Style, Comment and Award-

At the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, HYUNDAI first proposed this stunning design style with the Prophecy concept, which also outlined the brand's future design direction for electric vehicles.

This attempt was highly praised by the media and audiences at the auto show. CNET comments"Every part of this car is curvy and sleek. No matter where the light effect is on the car, it creates interesting shapes."
Car Magazine"It's full of fresh ideas, from the latest technology, ultra-compact front and rear lighting systems to new transparent acrylic materials, where you can intuitively see the technology working smoothly integrated."

This also won the recognition of the Red dot design award, the international design award of the year. The reviewer believesProphecy Concept brings life to yet another new icon of Hyundai’s electric car that will stretch Hyundai’s design spectrum into broader horizons. A part of that expansion is ‘optimistic futurism’, an iconic design concept demonstrated in the Prophecy. ‘Optimistic futurism’ will serve as the ‘emotional connection’ forged between the human and car.

The key characteristic is most prominent in the immaculate side view, reminiscent of a perfectly weathered stone. The clean, simple and streamlined ‘one curve’ stretches from the front to the rear of the vehicle to define timeless design. The conscious restraint manifest in its contour is at once present and recognisable even from a great distance.

All of the design elements introduced are based on ‘optimistic futurism’, which embodies real progress in Hyundai’s philosophy. This is what Hyundai wishes to deliver to its customers in the new electric car. Prophecy Concept will prove to be yet another Hyundai design icon.

The differnece between IONIQ 6 and Prophecy Concept

After Prophecy was released and received favorable reviews, the process of mass production became even more challenging. As Chief Design Officer SangYup Lee said,”That’s the thing with those streamlined shapes: they look great but they’re difficult to execute”。

After two years of revisions and adjustments, IONIQ 6 has almost retained its original design, completing this no easy task. The exterior outline outlined by simple lines and pure aerodynamic forms is extremely retained, and the "Electrified Streamliner" reflects the innovative style of the electric vehicle era.

You can find the difference between Prophecy(up) and IONIQ 6 in the picture above.

Some of the adjustments made for mass production, safety and comfort, overall, although it lacks some strong visual appeal, have an optimization effect in terms of usability. For example, the headroom of the rear seats has been slightly adjusted upward along with the roof line, giving passengers a wider headroom and less pressure. The downward streamlined lines on the side of the car are pulled back slightly to reduce the curvature, which can also slightly enlarge the trunk space to provide more cargo space.

The Characteristics of Electrified Streamliner

The Parametric pixel lights at the rear of the concept car were originally arranged in an extremely exaggerated manner throughout the rear of the car, showing high dynamics and interactivity.

Although the mass-produced version of IONIQ 6 only retains a slender lighting area. However, through proportional division and arrangement, paired with two shortened but refined upright taillights, the expression of the rear of the car is more delicately presented, and more details are used to present a refined beauty. It lacks some of the bold performance of a concept car, but it adds to the appeal of everyday interactions.

There are a total of 700 Parametric Pixel Lights on the entire car body, including front LED daytime running lights, rear LED tail lights, reversing lights, etc., giving this classic streamlined style a more futuristic interpretation. The coupe style adds an avant-garde style.

Another detail worth mentioning is the active air grilles on both sides of the front bumper, which are normally closed to keep the front of the car simple. It will only be turned on after starting to increase downforce and dissipate heat at the same time. Such a small detail also contributes to the overall beauty of simplicity and streamlines.

Hyundai IONIQ front vent open

The Simplified Logo that goes with IONIQ

For the IONIQ product series, Hyundai has launched a new series logo and made a small adjustment in 2020. The logo shape has not changed much. Through fine-tuning the details of Q, the square block protruding in the lower right corner happens to be the complete Q. The O-shaped offset has improved the overall integrity and ingenuity, and can better reflect the important parametric pixel elements of the car.

The four small dots arranged on the steering wheel bury a small Easter egg that consumers can discover. This is the Morse code of the initial H of Hyundai. It is also a light display of the driving mode, allowing the driver to interact with these four Square lights have more emotional interactions.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 interior

IONiQ 6 conclusion

IONIQ 6 captures classic elements by looking back to the past and successfully finds the styling direction for the future. After the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6, which won the World Car of the Year for two consecutive years, what refreshing experience will the upcoming IONIQ 7 SUV bring? Let's look forward to it together.

Pay a visit to the nearest IONIQ dealer and have a detail look of this car whcih just awarded with the Car if The Year 2023

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